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Fuselage recovered from farm in Colac, Victoria Dec 10, 1966.
23279 (MSN 414-6096) (RAF BW417) to Australia as A16-167.23804 (66th BS, 44th BG, 8th AF) shot down by Bf 109F-2 flown by Uffz Leo Demetz of JG 1/3 Feb 26, 1943 at Everten Oldenburg, Germany while on buscar ultimos anuncios de casas de venta en pasaje de ecuador mission to Wilhelmshaven, Germany.To civil registry as NC54213 (Panagra May 23, 1946 then YC-C-AVU (Avensa).1 crewman killed, 10 fate unknown.20697 (MSN 1906) W/o t Yettem, CA 20700 (MSN 1909) on civil registry as N (MSN 1910) W/o t Visalia, CA 20702 (MSN 1911) W/o t Visalia, CA 20703 (MSN 1912) W/o t Visalia, CA 20704 (MSN 1913) W/o t Visalia, CA 20706 (MSN 1915).Sorthun PI-C948 (Fairways (Fillipinas Orient Airways) Feb 10, 1965).Damaged landing at St Raphael (Y-12) France Oct 24, 1944.To civil registry as NC47996 for lease to Pioneer Airlines Ben Milan May 1947 to Mar 11, 1952.Later N2001, N700CC and N4700 with various owners/operators until sold to Conroy Aircraft Jan 1968.To Argentine Navy marked 0499, 1-E-220, EA (MSN 84-7755) to Royal Thai AF as F8-88/93 17378 (MSN 84-7756) W/o t Luke AAF, AZ 17380 (MSN 84-7758) W/o t Luke AAF, AZ 17382 (MSN 84-7760) W/o t Luke AAF, AZ 17386 (MSN 84-7764) W/o t Cologne.

18697 (MSN 6103) to usaaf Dec 04, 1942 - 5th AF, 374th TCG, 6th TCS, Australia Jan 12, 1943 - Left wing of parking hit burdel en miami florida right wing of parked Sep44, both repaired and to feasc Depot No2 Sep44.Macr W/o t Tifton, GA 19773 W/o t Moore Field, TX 19775 Used by Royal Netherlands Military Flying Service in usaaf markings; returned to usaaf; wfu 19778 W/o t Foster Field, TX 19782 Conv to P-40R-1; w/o t Foster Field, TX 19783 Conv to P-40R-1;.41-23164/23170 Lockheed C-57 Lodestar Civilian Model 18-14 aircraft impressed by usaaf.17739 (319th BG, 439th BS) collided in midair with Aug 21, 1942, Harding Field, Louisiana.Collided with A16-191 near Giru, QLD May 24, 1942 while with 32 Sqdn.The pilot gave the order to adjust parachutes and prepare to abandon the aircraft.Assigneed to Curtiss Aircraft, Buffalo,.10 crew KIA, one POW.Some survivors walked out to try and get help.20069 (MSN 4839) to usaaf Nov 24, 1941.15692 to DPC at Augustine Field, MS Oct 14, (MSN 1722) to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 2, 1944.19594 (MSN 2890) To RAF (ntu w/o t Tahiri, Iran 19602 (MSN 2898) To RAF (ntu w/o t Nerwark Airport, NJ 19619 (MSN 2915) To RAF (ntu w/o t Tokeland, WA 19620 (MSN 2916) To RAF (ntu w/o t Olympia Airport, WA 19635 (MSN 2931).
13853 to DPC at Bush Field, GA as P-40R-1 Mar 20, W/o t New Hackensack Airport, NY, condemned Jun 30, to RAF as Kittyhawk IIA FL271.
W/o t Alliance,.

Macr W/o t El Geneina, Egypt 19753 (324th FG, 315th FS) bellylanded due to engine failure at El Haouaria, Tunisia Aug 8, 1943.
18956 w/o t New Iberia, LA 18958 flown with Australian radio c/s vhcog; w/o t Chesnut Bay, New Guinea 18959 flown with Australian radio c/s vhcoh 18960 later delivered to Middle East for use by the Desert Air Force as HK conv to L-1C; w/o.
9 interned in Sweden.