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To put off idiom

Look at (someone) cross-eyed - to do something or look at someone in a way that may make him or her angry If you look at the man cross-eyed, he will probably become angry.
Have (something) coming out of one's ears putitas muyzorras - to have much of something We have bath towels coming out of our ears and we do not need any more.Off The Hook: No longer have to deal with a tough situation.Have a nose for (something) - to have the talent for finding something My friend has a nose for finding cheap items at flea markets.Poke one's nose into (something) - to interfere with something, to try to discover things that do not involve you My aunt always pokes her nose into the business of other people.Keep one's ear to the ground - to continue to listen carefully in order to get advance warning of something I am keeping my ear to the ground in order to see what the new owner of my company plans.Stick one's nose into (something) - to interfere with something, to be nosey about something I wish that my neighbor would stop sticking his nose into my business.Cannot see beyond the end of one's nose -to not be able to see beyond what concerns one at the present time My friend cannot see beyond the end of his nose and he has no idea about things around him.Q Queer the pitch: Destroy or ruin a plan.We were happy to see him.Give (someone) an earful - to talk to someone in order to criticize or complain about something I met my supervisor and I decided to give her an earful about my job.Put a bug in (someones) ear - to give someone an idea I put a bug in my friend's ear when I suggested that we go on a holiday together.
Let Bygones Be Bygones: To forget about a disagreement or arguement.

Ears are burning - someone is talking about you when you are not there My ears are burning and I think that someone is talking about.Knee Jerk Reaction: A quick and automatic response.Set one's eyes on (someone or something) - to see someone or something for the first time The boy has not set eyes on his new school yet."estoy yendo a ver a mi abuela y le llevo una torta y un pequeño tarro de mantequilla de mi madre.".Have stars in ones eyes - to have an appearance or feeling of very great happiness, to be obsessed with show business The girl has stars in her eyes now that she has won the spelling contest.(a) open his eyes to (b) keep his nose out of (c) turn up his nose at (d) have an eye for Answer(b) keep his nose out of The man (refused to obey) the policeman who told him not to walk across the street.Dijo el lobo yes, answered Little Red Riding Hood; it is beyond that mill you see there, at the first house in the village.
Lay one's eyes on (someone or something) - to see or find someone or something "If you lay your eyes on my house keys, please tell." lead (someone) around by the nose - to make someone do what you want The woman has been.